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Using themes and style sets
using themes and style sets
Themes and style sets were introduced in Word 2007, and in
Word 2013, they are gathered on the new Design tab on the
ribbon. Together, these features let you change the overall
appearance of your document quickly.
style in which the font is specified as (Headings). The two
theme fonts can be different—for example, a serif font
such as Cambria and a sans serif font such as Calibri—or
they can be the same.
A theme effect collection determines some of the look of
shapes, charts, and SmartArt by adding shadows, outlines,
gradients, and 3-D shading.
A style set is a collection of style definitions. For example, one
style set might define the Normal style with a font size of 10
points, left-aligned; the Heading 1 style might be defined with
a font size of 14 points, all caps, Accent 1 color, center-aligned,
with a bottom paragraph border. Another style set could define
Normal style with a font size of 11 points, justified; and the
Heading 1 style with a font size of 16 points, the Accent 2 color,
left-aligned, with no border. You can choose either appearance
with a single click in the Style Sets gallery on the Design tab.
A theme is a collection of colors, fonts, and effects. By choosing
a single theme in the Themes gallery on the Design tab, you
apply the entire predefined collection to the document. In turn,
the members of the collection are also collections of formats.
A theme color collection is a set of 12 colors used for text,
backgrounds, charts, shapes, and hyperlinks. Wherever
you see a color gallery (such as the font color, background
color, or shape fill color buttons), the section labeled
Theme Colors is based on the current theme.
A theme font collection consists of two fonts. One of the
theme fonts is used by any style in which the font is spec-
ified as (Body), and the other theme font is used by any
select a built-in theme
1 On the Design tab, in the Document Formatting group, click
2 Point to thumbnails in the Themes gallery and watch the live
preview in the document. When you see the appearance that you
want, click the thumbnail to apply the theme.
CAuTIon If you’re creating a document as part of your
employment, don’t switch themes or style sets until you know
that it’s allowed by company policy. Many businesses require all their
documents to conform to specified styles and colors.
TIP The Style Set gallery on the Design tab and the Styles
gallery on the Home tab change to match the theme you select.
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