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Inserting a simple table
Inserting a simple table
In Word 2013, a table is a special kind of object that’s made up
of rows and columns . The rectangle where a row and a column
meet is a cell . Each cell can contain paragraphs of text, numbers,
pictures—even another entire table.
at first how many rows or columns you’ll need, because they
can be added or removed later.
The Quick Tables building block gallery includes a selection of
common types of tables that you can drop into your document
and then fill with your own text.
Often it’s easiest to insert the framework of an empty table and
then start to fill its cells with text. Don’t worry if you don’t know
use the Table button
1 On the Insert tab, in the Tables group, click Table.
2 In the display that opens beneath the Table button, move the cursor
over the matrix of squares until it highlights the number of columns
and rows you want.
3 Click the mouse.
TIP To insert a table with more than 8 rows or 10 columns by
using a dialog box, click Table and then click Insert Table on
the menu.
TRY ThIs Insert a table while the cursor is inside a cell of an
existing table. This creates a nested table in the original table cell.
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