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Copying an Excel table into Word
Copying an Excel table into Word
Suppose that you’re writing a report in Word 2013, and some of
the supporting data that you would like to present is in a Mic-
rosoft Excel worksheet. No problem: you can simply copy the
table in Excel and paste it into your Word document.
If you expect to change the data in the Excel worksheet, you
can paste a link to the worksheet instead of plain text so that
any changes made to the data also appear automatically in the
Word document.
Paste a table from Excel
1 In Excel, select the part of a worksheet that contains the data for
the table and copy it to the clipboard.
2 Click in the Word document at the point where you want the table
to appear.
3 On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click Paste (shortcut,
Ctrl+V) to insert the table from the clipboard.
4 If you want to link the Word document to the Excel worksheet, click
the down-arrow for the Paste button and then click Paste Special.
5 Click Paste Link and choose Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object as
the object type.
6 Click OK.
sEE ALso For more information about pasting a link to an
Excel worksheet, see “Use Paste Special” on page 46.
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