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Converting text to a table and back again
Converting text to a table and back again
Sometimes you receive text that’s separated into columns by
tabs or other unique characters, and you want instead to format
it as a table. Fear not! You don’t have to cut and paste many
chunks of text into individual table cells—you can do the job
with just a few clicks in Word 2013.
In other cases, you might have data in a table that must be
changed to plain text. Again, Word makes quick work of the
Convert text to a table
1 Select the text that you want to convert.
2 On the Insert tab, click Table.
3 Click Convert Text To Table.
The Convert Text To Table dialog box opens.
4 Verify that the number of columns and rows shown in the dialog
box is what you expect. If not, the wrong separator character might
be selected at the bottom of the dialog box, or the text might con-
tain the wrong number of separator characters in one or more lines.
Correct these problems.
5 Click OK.
TIP If the text doesn’t appear in the correct cells of the table,
click Undo on the Quick Access Toolbar, find and fix the cause
of the problem, and then convert the text again.
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