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Setting tab atops in table cells
setting tab atops in table cells
In a table that includes a column of numbers or currency, it’s
useful to set a decimal tab stop so that the numbers align
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set a tab stop in a table
1 If the tab type shown in the box at the left end of the ruler isn’t
what you want, click the box one or more times until the desired
tab type appears.
The box shows the decimal tab type as an upside-down T with a dot
at its right side.
2 Select one or more table columns or a block of cells.
3 Click the ruler at the desired location within one of the selected
Word automatically inserts a tab stop at the same relative position
in each of the other selected columns; you don’t have to set their
tab stops separately.
TIP To insert a tab character in a table, you must press
Ctrl+Tab. Pressing Tab by itself while in a table simply moves the
insertion point to the next cell; it does not insert a tab character.
TIP If you set a decimal tab stop in a table, you don’t need to
insert a tab character to make the numbers line up.
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