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Setting table text wrapping
setting table text wrapping
When you first insert a table, it forces the text before and after
it to be separate paragraphs, and text can’t flow around it. But,
if you drag the table to a different position, the text wrapping
setting will automatically change to Around. This means that if
the table is narrow enough, text will run beside it.
Wrap text around a table
1 Click in the table.
2 Drag the Move box to reposition the table.
TRY THIS Although dragging a table sets the text wrapping
to Around, there isn’t any similar way to remove the text
wrapping. Instead, you need to click Properties on the Layout tab
under Table Tools and then click None.
TRY THIS To get finer control of the table’s position, on the
Layout tab under Table Tools, click Properties, click Positioning,
and then adjust the measurements.
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