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Using table styles for uniform appearance
3 Click the New Table Style option.
The Create New Style From Formatting dialog box opens.
4 Enter a name for the new style.
5 If one of the built-in table styles is close to the format you want,
open the Style Based On drop-down list and click that style’s name.
Otherwise, base your style on Table Normal.
6 Under Formatting, leave the Apply Formatting To drop-down list
set to Whole Table and select each formatting item that you want
to apply to the whole table.
7 Change the Apply Formatting To drop-down list to Header Row.
8 Select each formatting item that applies to just the header row, if
that is different from the rest of the table.
9 If necessary, change the selection in the Apply Formatting To
drop-down list to the other available parts of the table and set the
formatting as needed.
10 When the style definition is complete, click OK.
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