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Inserting text boxes
Inserting text boxes
You can use a text box to call attention to a quote from the
document or to display some instructions for the document’s
use. You can also use a text box as a way to position a specific
piece of text, such as the address block on a printed newsletter.
Insert a built-in text box
1 On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Text Box.
2 Click one of the thumbnail pictures in the gallery.
3 Type or paste into the text box, replacing the sample text.
4 If the text box isn’t in the right position, drag it to where you
want it.
TIP When you paste into the text box, the text might be
formatted like the source instead of looking like the sample
text. To correct this, click the Paste Options icon and choose Merge
TIP Use the green alignment guides to line up the text box
with the margins or with the top of a paragraph.
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