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Linking a chain of text boxes
Linking a chain of text boxes
In newsletters and magazines, it’s common to start several
articles on the first page and continue each story on an inside
page. How do you do that in Word 2013? Pretty simple, actu-
ally; put the beginning of each story into a text box and then
link that to another text box on the continuation page. The
text that doesn’t fit in the first box will automatically flow to its
linked continuation.
Link a text box to another text box
1 Draw a text box for the beginning of the story.
2 Move the cursor to the continuation page and draw a text box for
the remainder of the text.
3 Click inside the first text box.
4 On the Drawing Tools Format tab, click Create Link in the Text
5 Use the special cursor to click in the second text box.
6 Type or paste text in the first text box.
When the text becomes too long to fit in the box, it will overflow
into the second box.
TIP You can link the second box to a third box, and so on. You
can connect up to a maximum of 32 text boxes in any one chain.
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