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8 Managing data in documents
Managing data
in documents
In this section:
One of the great strengths of Microsoft Word 2013 is its ability to
Using the Field dialog box
create a template for documents such as form letters and invoices, in
which much of the content is constant and you just need to fill in the parts
that change. Some of the variable parts can be generated automatically.
Inserting fields from the keyboard
Toggling field codes and updating
The tools that Word provides for working with data and for repeating
information in documents include fields, hyperlinks, cross-references, and
content controls. Another tool, the mail merge feature, is described begin-
ning at “Starting a mail merge” on page 334.
Controlling field formatting by using
Inserting page and date fields by using
Using bookmarks
Inserting hyperlinks
Repeating information by using
Inserting content controls
Grouping content controls for a form
Using document properties
Sorting a list
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