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Using the Field dialog box
2 In the Field dialog box, if you know the name of the field that you
want to insert, click it in the Field Names list. To display in the list
only the field names associated with a specific type of information,
first select an item in the Categories drop-down list.
3 Some types of fields, when selected in the Field Names list, display
additional text boxes or lists under the Field Properties heading.
Type or select the properties that you want to use in the current
4 Some types of fields also display items under the Field Options
heading. Type or select the options that you want to use in the
current field.
5 By default, the Preserve Formatting During Updates check box is
selected for most fields. This places the MergeFormat switch in the
field code so that any direct formatting of the field’s result before
an update is retained after the field is updated. If you don’t want
this switch included, clear the check box.
6 If you want to see and perhaps edit the field code that will be gen-
erated by the dialog box, click the Field Codes button.
7 Click OK.
TIP For descriptions of what the fields do as well as their
properties and options, click the Help icon (the question mark)
on the title bar of the Field dialog box or press F1 to open the topic
titled Field Codes In Word. Then, click the name of the field to read
about the parts of its code, which correspond to the items in the Field
dialog box.
TRY ThIs To change a field (for example, to change the date
format), right-click the field result and then, on the shortcut
menu that appears, click Edit Field. The Field dialog box opens with the
field’s current information in place.
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