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Inserting fields from the keyboard
Inserting fields from the keyboard
The field codes of some very useful fields are short and easy to
remember, so it’s quicker to type the field code than to use the
Field dialog box, which requires multiple clicks. Among these
fields are the Page, Date, CreateDate, and DocProperty fields.
or a file name. The field code can include optional switches,
which are abbreviations that instruct the code how to modify
the field’s result—for instance, formatting numbers or dates,
or changing the capitalization of text. The entire field code is
enclosed in a pair of field markers, which appear as bold curly
braces ( { } ).
A field code consists of a keyword (the name of the field) and,
depending on which field it is, some data such as a formula
Insert a field from the keyboard
1 Click in your document where you want the field result to appear.
2 Press Ctrl+F9 to insert a pair of field markers.
3 Type the field code between the markers, including any text and
switches that are needed to produce the code result that you want.
4 Right-click the field code and then, on the shortcut menu that
appears, click Update Field (shortcut, F9) to evaluate the field and
show its result.
TIP You must use the Ctrl+F9 key combination to insert field
markers. You can’t type braces on the keyboard, because Word
won’t recognize them as field markers. As an alternative to inserting
field markers first and typing the code between them, you can type the
code first, select it, and then press Ctrl+F9 to insert the markers around
it. The result is the same either way.
TIP No matter which method you use to insert a Date field,
Word 2013 places it inside a content control. This has no effect
on how the field code works or how the field result appears.
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