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Toggling field codes and updating fields
Toggling field codes and updating fields
Ordinarily, Word 2013 shows you only field results. If you need
to display the field codes—to edit them or just to find out what
produced the results—you can toggle the display back and
forth for all the fields in the document. If you want to toggle
just one field at a time, or just those in a selected part of the
text, you can do that, as well.
show and hide field codes
1 Open a document that contains some fields.
2 Press Alt+F9 to display all the field codes.
3 Press Alt+F9 again to redisplay all the field results.
4 Select a single field or a part of the document that contains several
5 Right-click the selection, and then in the shortcut menu that
appears, click Toggle Field Codes (shortcut, Shift+F9) to display the
field codes of only the fields within the selected text.
update fields
1 Click in a document. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Date
& Time and select a time format that includes the seconds. Select
the Update Automatically check box and click OK.
To see the field result change, right-click the time field and then, on
the shortcut menu that appears, click Update Field (shortcut, F9).
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