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Using bookmarks
using bookmarks
A bookmark in a Word 2013 document marks a specific place.
This makes it possible for you to move the cursor to that spot or
refer to it elsewhere in the document. The part of the text that
you mark can be as little as the insertion point between two
adjacent characters, or as large as the entire document.
When you mark one or more words or a picture with a book-
mark, you can repeat that text or picture in other parts of the
document by inserting Ref fields that contain the name of the
bookmark. A bookmark can also serve as the location to which
the cursor jumps when you click a hyperlink.
Insert a bookmark
1 Click in your document at the point where you want to insert the
bookmark or select an area including text and/or pictures that you
want surrounded by the bookmark.
2 On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Bookmark.
3 In the Bookmark dialog box, in the Bookmark Name list box,
type a name for the bookmark. You can use only letter, digit, and
underscore characters. Other characters, including spaces, are not
4 Click the Add button.
TIP You can select an option to display bookmarks on the
screen as gray brackets (see “Controlling what is displayed and
printed” on page 429).
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