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Inserting hyperlinks
4 In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, in the Link To section, click Place
In This Document.
5 In the Select A Place In This Document list box, click the heading or
bookmark that will be the destination of the hyperlink.
6 If you selected text in step 2, the text will appear in the Text To
Display box, and you can edit that text if you want to. If you clicked
in the document without selecting text, the text of the heading or
bookmark will appear in that box and can be edited. If you selected
a picture, the box will show <<Selection In Document>> and can’t
be edited.
7 If you want to define the text that appears when the mouse pointer
hovers over the hyperlink, click the ScreenTip button, type the
desired text, and then click OK.
8 Click OK.
TIP Word automatically formats the hyperlinks that you insert
from the dialog box by applying the character style named
Hyperlink. When you click a hyperlink, Word changes the formatting to
the character style named FollowedHyperlink. These styles apply colors
that are defined by the current theme.
TIP If you open the AutoFormat As You Type page of the
AutoCorrect Options dialog box and select the check box for
Internet And Network Paths With Hyperlinks, Word automatically
converts any address that you type in plain text into an active hyper-
link. For more information about AutoFormat options, see “Setting
AutoFormat options” on page 76.
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