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Inserting hyperlinks
3 In the Hyperlink dialog box, in the Link To section, click Existing File
Or Web Page.
4 Click one of the three buttons in the column directly to the right
of the Link To section to look for files in the current folder on your
computer, webpages that you have visited, or files that you recently
Click the file or webpage to which to link. If you don’t see the item
you want, you can click the Browse The Web button or the Browse
For File button to open your default web browser or a File dialog
box, respectively.
5 By default, the Text To Display text box contains the same text as
the item you clicked in the list. If you want different text to appear
in the document, edit or replace the text in the Text To Display box.
6 If you want to define the text that appears when the mouse pointer
hovers over the hyperlink, click ScreenTip, type the desired text, and
then click OK.
7 If you selected a Word file in step 4, and if that file contains book-
marks, you can set any of those bookmarks as the destination of the
hyperlink. Click the Bookmark button, click the desired bookmark,
and then click OK.
8 Click OK.
TIP If you know that a webpage contains an anchor element (a
named location), you can insert a hyperlink to the anchor. In the
Insert Hyperlink dialog box, in the Address text box, at the end of the
URL for the webpage, type the # symbol followed by the name of the
TRY ThIs To change the display, the address, or the ScreenTip
of an existing hyperlink, right-click the hyperlink and then, on
the shortcut menu that appears, click Edit Hyperlink. In the Edit
Hyperlink dialog box, make the desired changes and click OK.
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