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Repeating information by using cross-references
Repeating information by using cross-references
In a long document such as a report, you might need to refer
to text, headings, captions, and other items elsewhere in the
document. In Word 2013, you can insert cross-reference fields
that repeat the item itself, or that display the page number of
the item. If the item is a numbered heading or list paragraph,
the cross-reference can display the numbering associated with
the item. The cross-reference can also act as a hyperlink.
If the referenced item changes (for example, if the text is edited
or the item moves to a different page or is renumbered),
its cross-reference can easily be updated to reflect the new
Insert a cross-reference
1 On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Cross-Reference.
2 In the Cross-Reference dialog box, in the Reference Type list box,
click the type of item to which to refer.
The choices include numbered items, headings, bookmarks, foot-
notes, endnotes, equations, figures, and tables.
3 In the For Which Bookmark list box, the specific item in the list box
that will be referenced.
4 In the Insert Reference To list box, select how you want the refer-
ence to appear.
For example, you can display the entire text of the reference or
just its page number or list number. You can also include the word
“above” or “below” in the reference.
5 The Insert As Hyperlink check box is selected by default; clear the
check box if you don’t want the reference to behave as a hyperlink.
6 Click the Insert button.
TIP If you put a cross-reference to the page number of an
item into the document’s header or footer, it updates automati-
cally when the item moves to a different page. None of the other
cross-references are updated unless you select them and update them
manually or go to the Print page of the Backstage view.
TIP Cross-references to equations, figures, and tables are
actually references to captions applied to those items.
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