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Inserting content controls
3 In the Content Control Properties dialog box, type a name in the
Title box.
This name will appear in the tab at the upper-left corner of the con-
tent control when you click in the control. You can use this to indi-
cate the type of information that should be typed into the control.
4 If the content control will be used with a macro, you might type
some text in the Tag text box so that the macro can identify that
particular content control. If you leave the Tag text box empty,
Word copies the text from the Title text box into the Tag text box.
5 By default, the content control displays a bounding box or outline.
If you prefer to display start and end tags, or nothing but the con-
trol’s contents, change the value in the Show As text box.
6 If you want to apply a color other than black to the outline around
the content control, click the Color button and then click a color in
the gallery that opens.
7 If you want all text typed into the content control to be formatted
with a specific style, select the Use A Style check box and then
select the style’s name in the Style drop-down list.
8 If you want to remove the content control when you enter text or
make a selection in the control (leaving only the contents as an
ordinary part of the document), select the Remove Content Control
When Contents Are Edited check box.
9 In the Locking section, select the Content Control Cannot Be
Deleted check box to prevent accidental deletion of the whole
control. Select the Contents Cannot Be Edited check box to prevent
any change to the contents (which is useful mainly in forms that use
10 The Properties dialog boxes for some of the content control types
contain additional properties. For example, you can create entries in
the list of a combo box content control or a list box content control,
or select the date format used by a date picker content control.
TIP The Style drop-down list in the Content Control Proper-
ties dialog box shows only the character styles and linked styles
that are currently visible in the Styles pane (shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S).
If you choose a linked style for the content control, only the style’s
character formatting is applied.
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