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Using document properties
using document properties
Every Microsoft Office 2013 document includes a set of fifteen
document properties . These properties can hold information
about the document. That information can be used in File
Explorer to search for documents related to specific subjects.
You can insert a content control anywhere in your document
to display the value of one of the document properties. If you
insert several content controls for the same document property,
changing the value in any one of the controls automatically
changes the display in the other controls.
If you want to handle data for which there is no built-in prop-
erty, you can insert a content control for one of the properties
that you aren’t using, and then change the name displayed by
the content control.
Insert a document property content control
1 Click in your document where you want the value of the document
property to display.
2 On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts. In the drop-
down list that appears, point to Document Property, and then click
the name of the document property that you want to insert.
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