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Using document properties
3 If you want to change the name displayed in the tag in the upper-
left corner of the content control, on the Developer tab, in the
Controls group, click Properties, edit the text in the Title box, and
then click OK.
4 If you want to change the placeholder text to describe the data to
enter in the content control, on the Developer tab, in the Controls
group, click Design Mode and edit the text of the placeholder.
Then, click Design Mode again to turn it off.
5 To repeat the same data elsewhere in the document, click the tag in
the upper-left corner of the content control and copy the selec-
tion to the clipboard. Then, move to the location where the value
should be repeated and paste a copy of the content control from
the clipboard.
CAuTIon Although you can change the name and place-
holder text displayed by the content control, it’s still attached to
the original document property. If you insert another content control
for the same property from the Document Properties list but you don’t
edit the name shown by the new control, the value it displays will be
the same as the values in the modified content controls.
TIP Some, but not all, of the fifteen document properties can
be seen and edited on the Info page of the Backstage view. You
can see a few of the properties when you select the document in the
File Explorer, even when the document is closed.
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