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Sorting a list
sort the selected text
1 Select the list text.
2 On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click Sort.
3 In the Sort Text dialog box, click the Options button.
4 In the Sort Options dialog box, click the Other option, delete every-
thing that appears in the text box to its right, and then type a single
space character in the box. Click OK.
5 In the drop-down list of the Sort By text box, click Word 2 and then
click OK.
TIP If the list is the only text in the document, you don’t need
to select it first in order to sort it.
TIP If the list is in a table, you’ll find another Sort button in
the Data group on the Table Tools | Layout contextual tab. It
works the same way as the one on the Home tab, except that the Sort
By list offers only the table’s columns as options, and it sorts only the
table that contains the cursor.
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