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9 Formatting reports and formal documents
Formatting reports
and formal
In this section:
Reports, scholarly papers, and other formal documents often have
Making different headers
unique requirements, such as footnotes, a table of contents, an index,
and a bibliography. Even in shorter documents, you might want headers
and footers that change from one page to the next, or a watermark to
identify a document as an unfinished draft.
Unlinking a header
Extracting text for a header or footer
from body text
Inserting a watermark
In Microsoft Word 2013, each of these requirements is met by a special-
ized tool. The simplest form of each feature can be inserted in your doc-
ument with just a few clicks. However, Word’s capabilities go far beyond
the simple versions. Tables of contents and indexes can be constructed for
specific parts of the document. Watermarks can be made with custom text
or with any available picture. A bibliography and citations are automati-
cally formatted to conform to any one of an array of standards.
Adding footnotes and endnotes
Making a table of contents
Modifying table of contents styles
Using multiple tables of contents
Indexing a document
Using multiple indexes
Making tables of tables and tables of
Creating a bibliography
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