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Extracting text for a header or footer from body text
3 In the Create New Style From Formatting dialog box, in the Name
text box, type a unique name for the custom style.
It’s best to choose a name that describes the purpose of the style,
such as Chapter Title .
4 By default, the Create A Style command creates a linked style. If you
expect to apply the custom style only to complete paragraphs, click
OK and continue at step 6. Otherwise, click the Modify button and
continue at step 5.
5 Click the Style Type box and click Character in the drop-down list.
If you want the style to be saved in the template for use in other
documents, click the option for New Documents Based On This
Template and then click OK.
6 Select each occurrence of text in the document that should be used
in the header and apply the custom style to those selections.
CAuTIon You can change the style type only during the
creation of the style. If you change your mind about making a
character style after the linked style exists, you’ll have to delete the
linked style and then create a new character style with the same name.
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