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Extracting text for a header or footer from body text
Insert a styleRef Field
1 Double-click in the header area to open it and position the cursor
where you want the extracted text to appear.
2 On the Header & Footer Tools | Design contextual tab, in the Insert
group, click Quick Parts. In the drop-down list that appears, click
3 In the Field dialog box, in the Field Names list box, click StyleRef.
4 In the Style Name list box, click the name of your custom style.
5 Click OK.
6 Format the result of the StyleRef field by applying a style or direct
formatting to it.
7 Double-click in the body of the document to close the header area.
TIP The StyleRef field’s result does not repeat most format-
ting from the text in the document, so you have to apply to the
field any formatting that you want in the header. The only kind of
formatting in the text that affects the StyleRef field’s result is the
Hidden attribute—text that is Hidden doesn’t appear in the field result
at all.
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