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Inserting a watermark
Inserting a watermark
Typically, a watermark is ghosted or faded text or an image
that appears in the background of each page of a document. It
serves as a subtle reminder to readers about something of sig-
nificance or that perhaps the document requires special treat-
ment. For example, a document might use a watermark to alert
readers that its content is confidential or that it’s a preliminary
In Word 2013, you can use any of the built-in watermarks, such
as DRAFT or SAMPLE, or you can create a watermark containing
your own text or a picture.
Add a built-in watermark
1 On the Design tab, in the Page Background group, click Watermark.
2 Click the item in the Watermark gallery that you want to use as a
TIP If there is already a watermark anywhere in the document,
it will be automatically removed when you choose another
TRY ThIs A watermark in Word 2013 is actually a WordArt
object or a picture that’s inserted in the header area and then
positioned in the middle of the page. As with all other items in the
header, you can make the watermark in each section of the document
different by first turning off the Link To Previous button on the Header
& Footer Tools | Design contextual tab. However, you might first have
to copy an existing watermark so that you can paste it back into place
after you insert a new watermark into another section.
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