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Adding footnotes and endnotes
Change the format of footnotes and endnotes
1 On the References tab, in the Footnotes group, click the dialog box
launcher (the small arrow in the lower-right corner of the group).
2 In the Footnote And Endnote dialog box, in the Location section,
click either Footnotes or Endnotes, depending on which type of
note you want to modify.
For footnotes, choose whether to position the footnote text at the
bottom of the page or immediately below the last text on the page.
For endnotes, choose whether to collect all the endnotes at the end
of the document or at the end of each section of the document.
3 If you selected Footnotes in step 2, you can click the Columns box.
In the drop-down list that appears, choose whether to arrange the
footnotes in the same number of columns as the text of the section,
or in a specific number of columns, independent of the section
4 Click the Number Format list box to select an Arabic or Roman
numeral sequence, a letter sequence, or a symbol sequence.
Alternatively, type a symbol in the Custom Mark text box, or click
the Symbol button to select any symbol in any available font. This
choice disables the Number Format list box.
TIP If you need to convert all the footnotes in the document
into endnotes, or vice versa, click the Convert button and
choose the action that you want to perform.
5 If you want the sequence to start at a number or letter different
from the default, change the value in the Start At list box.
6 Click the Numbering list box and choose whether the numbering
of footnotes or endnotes continues throughout the document, or
restarts on each page or at the beginning of each section.
7 If the document contains section breaks, you can click the Apply
Changes To list box and choose whether the changes in the dialog
box affect the whole document or just the section containing the
8 Click Insert.
TRY ThIs If you need to refer to the same footnote or
endnote in more than one location, insert the first occurrence
of the note normally. Next, insert one or more cross-references to the
note’s reference mark in the other locations. Then, apply the Footnote
Reference character style to each cross-reference. The cross-references
must be updated manually if additions or deletions in the sequence
cause the note’s number to change. For more information about
inserting cross-references, see “Repeating information by using
cross-references” on page 216.
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