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Generating a table of contents
Insert a table of contents
1 Click at the location in the document where you want the table of
contents to start.
2 On the References tab, in the Table Of Contents group, click Table
Of Contents.
3 In the Table Of Contents gallery that opens, click Automatic Table
1 or Automatic Table 2. These building blocks insert a table of con-
tents inside a content control, which means that they can easily be
updated or replaced.
The two automatic tables are the same except for the wording of
the title above the table. The Manual Table building block doesn’t
use any text from the body of the document and cannot be
updated automatically, so it’s appropriate only for documents that
have no heading paragraphs.
TIP The Custom Table Of Contents command near the bottom
of the Table Of Contents gallery inserts the same kind of table
as the automatic building blocks, but it doesn’t include the content
control or the title above the table.
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