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Modifying table of contents styles
Modifying table of contents styles
Although a table of contents in Word 2013 repeats the text of
headings in the document, it doesn’t use the formatting of the
heading styles. Instead, it applies separate styles named TOC
1 through TOC 9 to the nine possible outline levels. Any direct
character formatting (such as bold or italic) that is applied to the
headings is repeated in the table of contents entries.
The default TOC styles are very plain—just the Normal style
with a little additional left indent in each successive outline
level. For a better appearance, you might want to choose one of
several other built-in sets of styles or modify the styles to your
own preferences. For example, none of the built-in styles specify
a hanging indent for entries that are long enough to extend to
a second line. You might want to add this type of indent to the
style definitions.
Change the formatting of the table entries
1 Click to the left of the first character of the table of contents.
On the References tab, in the Table of Contents group, click Table of
Contents. Near the bottom of the gallery that opens, click Custom
Table Of Contents.
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