Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
2 Introducing Word 2013
Word 2013
In this section:
In designing Word 2013, Microsoft focused on streamlining the user expe-
What’s new in Word 2013
rience by removing or reducing distractions. This section begins with a
brief description of the changes the new version brings and a pictorial tour
of the Word window.
Starting the Word program
Exploring the ribbon and Quick Access
The rest of the section brings you up to speed on the basic operations of
the word processor: opening, editing, saving, and printing documents.
Along the way, you’ll learn a few new capabilities, such as opening Adobe
Portable Document Format (PDF) documents, operating in Read Mode,
and connecting to online accounts. Finally, there’s a task for finding
answers to questions that don’t fit into this book by using either the Help
feature built into Word or online sources.
Switching views
Using built-in keyboard shortcuts
Opening documents
Editing a PDF document
Saving documents
Exporting to other file formats
Using the Read Mode
Managing your online accounts
Printing a document
Finding help
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