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Using multiple tables of contents
using multiple tables of contents
For a large document with many chapters, you might need a
separate table of contents in each chapter plus a comprehensive
table of contents at the beginning of the document. In Word
2013, you can insert a bookmark in the document to enclose
each chapter. Then, in the field code of the table of contents for
a chapter, you can add a \b switch plus the name of the book-
mark. That table of contents will display only the headings from
within the specified bookmark.
Mark part of the document for a table of
1 Select the part of the document for which you want to create a
partial table of contents.
2 On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click Bookmark.
In the Bookmark dialog box, in the Bookmark Name list box, type a
name for the bookmark.
You can use only letters, digits, and underscores in the name. Other
characters, including spaces, are not allowed.
4 Click the Add button.
sEE ALso For more information about selecting large
amounts of text, see “Selecting text” on page 42. For more
information about inserting a bookmark, see “Insert a bookmark” on
page 211.
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