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Using multiple tables of contents
Make a table of contents for part of the
1 Click in the document at the location where the partial table of con-
tents should start.
2 On the References tab, in the Table Of Contents group, click Table
Of Contents.
3 Near the bottom of the Table Of Contents gallery that opens, click
the Custom Table Of Contents command.
4 In the Table Of Contents dialog box, select the desired format, tab
leader, number of levels, and then click OK.
CAuTIon If any other tables of contents already exist in the
document, selecting any of the Automatic entries in the gallery
will replace the first existing table of contents without any prompt.
Only the Custom Table Of Contents command enables you to keep the
existing tables and add a new one.
sEE ALso For more information about defining the format of
a table of contents, see “Modifying table of contents styles” on
page 249.
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