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Using multiple tables of contents
5 If a message pop-up box appears, asking whether to replace the
selected table of contents, click No.
6 At the left end of the first line, right-click the table of contents. On
the shortcut menu that appears, click Toggle Field Codes.
7 Edit the field code to add the switch \b followed by the name of the
bookmark that surrounds the desired part of the document.
For example, if the bookmark’s name is Appendix_A, the
completed table of contents field code should be similar to
{ ToC \o “1-3” \h \z \u \b Appendix_A } .
8 Right-click in the field code and then, on the shortcut menu that
appears, click Update Field (shortcut, F9).
9 In the Update Table Of Contents dialog box, click the Update Entire
Table option and then click OK.
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