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Indexing a document
3 If you selected text in step 1, it appears in the Main Entry text box
of the Mark Index Entry dialog box. If that is the desired index entry,
click the Mark button to insert an XE field. To insert an XE field on
each page on which the selected text occurs, click Mark All. Other-
wise, continue at step 4.
4 If there is no text in the Main Entry text box, or if you want to
change the entry, add or edit the text in the Main Entry box and the
Subentry box, as appropriate.
For example, if the text you selected in the document is Abraham
Lincoln , but you want the main entry to appear as Lincoln with the
subentry Abraham , delete or cut Abraham from the Main Entry
box and type or paste it into the Subentry box.
5 If the current entry should not have a page number, but
instead should refer to another entry in the index, click the
Cross-Reference option and type the desired text in the text box to
its right.
6 If the current entry refers to a range of pages that are marked
with a bookmark, click the Page Range option and then select the
bookmark’s name in the Bookmark box.
7 If the entry’s page number should be bold or italic or both,
select the desired check boxes in the Page Number Format section.
8 Click the Mark button or the Mark All button.
9 To continue marking entries, click in the document at the next
The Mark Index Entry dialog box remains open, and its Main Entry
box updates to the new selection when you click in the dialog box
10 When you want to dismiss the Mark Index Entry dialog box,
click Cancel.
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