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Indexing a document
Insert an index
1 Click in your document at the location where you want the index to
2 On the References tab, in the Index group, click the Insert Index
3 In the Index dialog box, click the Formats box. Select each of the
items in the Formats list in turn while you look at the Print Preview
box. When you see the format that you prefer, leave that list item
4 If you want to place the page numbers at the right margin of
each column, select the check box for Right Align Page Numbers.
Then, in the Tab Leader list box, select a tab leader style or (none).
5 If your index uses subentries, click the Indented option
to start each subentry on a new line, or click the Run-In option
to place all the subentries of the same main entry into a single
6 In the Columns list box, enter the number of columns in
which the index should be arranged.
7 In the Language list box, select the language that determines
the sort order of the index. Languages that use the caret (^), tilde
(~), and other accent characters have specific sorting rules.
8 Click OK.
9 If you add, edit, or delete XE fields, click in the index. Then, on the
References tab, in the Index group, click Update Index.
TIP Before you update the index, on the Home tab click Show/
Hide ΒΆ to turn it off. Otherwise, the visible XE fields might
change the pagination of the document by so much that the page
numbers in the index are incorrect.
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