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What’s new in Word 2013
What’s new in Word 2013
If you’ve used Word 2010, much of Word 2013 will feel familiar.
Most of the commands on the ribbon are in the same places, and
many of the dialog boxes haven’t changed. A major focus of this
version is on making the process of reading and editing docu-
ments smoother, with fewer diversions. The icons are simpler, and
everything outside the document itself is less attention-grabbing.
Of course, there are also new features and new ways of using
older features.
When you need to read a document rather than edit it, the new
Read Mode is a clean, distraction-free environment. It automat-
ically adapts the width of its columns to the size of your display,
which is great if you’re using a tablet. You can quickly zoom in
on pictures, charts, and tables, or display comments.
Quick Access Toolbar
ribbon tabs
If you’re working in Print Layout view in a long document, you
can easily collapse or expand a heading along with everything
within it. This new feature lets you hide unwanted detail until
you’re ready to see it, without having to switch to Outline view.
You can also collapse the ribbon completely, hiding both the
command buttons and the tabs.
a dialog
tab type
left margin
and indent
When you work with tracked changes in a reviewed document,
the new Simple Markup view reduces the clutter and makes it
easier for you concentrate on specific changes and comments.
Ribbon Display Options
If you log on to Office with a Microsoft Account, your list of
recently used documents is stored in the cloud. No matter what
computer you use to log on, that information is available. The
cloud also remembers the last page you were reading when you
closed each online document and offers to pick up where you left
off. Opening and saving documents on SkyDrive or SharePoint is
seamless, and you can integrate Office with other online services.
user account
name and picture
minimize ribbon
horizontal ruler
right margin marker
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