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Making tables of tables and tables of figures
Making tables of tables and tables of figures
Some documents are heavily illustrated or use many tables, and
readers often find it useful to have a table of figures or a table
of tables, or both. Word 2013 has tools specifically designed for
creating tables of those kinds.
To create tables of figures or tables of tables, you must insert
captions to identify each of the items that should be included.
Insert captions
1 Click in a table, or select a picture or a chart.
2 On the References tab, in the Captions group, click Insert Caption.
3 In the Caption dialog box, click the Label list box and select the
type of the current item.
4 Click the Position list box and select the placement of the caption.
5 Click the Caption text box and type a description of the current
item, if desired.
6 Click OK.
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