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Creating a bibliography
Add a source
1 Click in the text at the end of the sentence or passage that needs a
2 On the References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click
Insert Citation. In the drop-down list that appears, click Add New
3 In the Create Source dialog box, click the Type Of Source list box
and select the form of the source material.
The fields displayed in the bottom part of the Create Source dialog
box will change to those required for the selected source type and
the current citation style.
4 Type or paste the information about the source and then click OK.
The citation appears at the insertion point in the document, in the
format appropriate for the current citation style.
5 After you add a source, Word adds it to the gallery on the Insert
Citation button. You can insert a citation for the same source else-
where in the document by selecting it from the gallery.
TIP If a source has multiple authors, click the Edit button to
open a dialog box in which you can enter and reorder the
authors’ names.
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