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Creating a bibliography
2 In the Source Manager dialog box, the Master List list box displays
all the sources you’ve created on your computer, in all the docu-
ments that contain citations, except for any sources that you previ-
ously deleted. The Current List list box displays the sources that are
cited in the open document, uncited sources that are available in
the Insert Citation gallery, and any placeholders in the document.
After you click an entry in the Master List or the Current List, you
can do one of the following:
Click the Copy button to copy the selected source to the oppo-
site list.
Click the Delete button to remove the selected source from the
Click the Edit button to change information in the selected
The preview at the bottom of the Source Manager dialog box
shows the format of the selected source as a citation and as a bibli-
ography entry in the current citation style.
3 If you want to create a new source without adding a citation in the
text of the document, click the New button. Complete the entries in
the Create Source dialog box and click OK. The citation is added to
both lists in the Source Manager dialog box.
4 If you want to sort the lists in the Source Manager dialog box differ-
ently, click the Sort box and select the field by which to sort.
5 Click the Close button.
TRY ThIs The Master List is stored in a file named Sources.xml .
In the Source Manager dialog box, click the Browse button to
display the Open Source List dialog box. You can right-click the Sources.
xml file and click Copy (shortcut, Ctrl+C). Then, select a different folder
or network location and paste the file as a backup copy, or to transfer
the file to another computer.
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