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Creating a bibliography
Insert a bibliography
1 Click in your document at the location where the bibliography
should start.
2 On the References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click
Bibliography. In the gallery that opens, click one of the entries, or at
the bottom of the gallery, click Insert Bibliography.
All of the entries in the gallery are the same except for their titles.
They enclose the entire bibliography in a content control, which
enables updating the bibliography with a click on the control’s tag.
The Insert Bibliography item inserts a bibliography without a title or
a content control.
3 If you plan to submit the document to a different publication, you
might need to change the citation style to another standard. On the
References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click the Style
box and select the new style. Word 2013 automatically reformats all
of the citations and the bibliography to match the new style.
CAuTIon The bibliography you insert contains all of the
sources in the Current List list box of the Manage Sources dialog
box, including any uncited sources but excluding any placeholders. It’s
a good idea to review the Current List to ensure that all of its entries
are selected to indicate that they have citations in the document, and
none of them have question marks, indicating that they are
TIP If you use the APA 6th edition citation style and you insert
multiple citations from the same author, the citations incor-
rectly include the publication title. To correct this, click the citation,
click the down-arrow at the right end of the content control, and then
click Edit Citation. In the Edit Citation dialog box, in the section labeled
Suppress, select the Title check box and click OK.
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