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10 Making pictures work for you
Making pictures
work for you
In this section:
There are few things that you can place in your Microsoft Word 2013
Choosing illustration types
documents that capture a reader’s interest as much as an illustration.
Photographs might show a family occasion, a house for sale, or a scene
that sets a mood. A screenshot could demonstrate an application’s display
or an interesting website. Graphs and charts can help your readers to visu-
alize data. Or, you could include an online video of assembly instructions
or a concert performance.
Inserting a picture from your computer
Inserting an online picture
Inserting online video
Inserting a screenshot
Positioning pictures on the page
When you add a picture to a document, it’s important to consider how it is
positioned with respect to the text. Word supports several layout options
with which you can control how text flows around your graphic. You also
have many tools available to modify the appearance of a picture, whether
to correct problems or to add interesting texture or color effects.
Resizing or cropping a picture
Replacing a picture
Changing the appearance of a picture
Removing the background from a
Applying special effects
Setting a transparent color
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