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What’s new in Word 2013
The online integration of Office 2013 also improves your ability
to share documents and to collaborate with other authors on
the same document, either separately or at the same time. You
can contact the others directly from within Word via email,
instant messenger, or phone.
status bar
Read Mode
Print Layout view
Web view
Word 2013 can open most PDF documents so that you can edit
or reformat the contents and save the result as a Word docu-
ment or back to PDF, among other formats.
You can embed online videos right in your documents and
watch them within Word. Also, you can insert online pictures
directly into documents without having to save them to your
computer first.
As you drag pictures and tables in a document, the text around
them instantly reflows, giving you better control over the final
position. Alignment guides automatically appear to help you
line up images with the page margins and text paragraphs on
the page.
menu at bottom
of gallery
a gallery
a contextual tab
This version also updates the free online Word Web App to
align it with Word 2013 on the desktop.
a collapsed comment
section number
page number
word count
spelling and
selected text
table’s Move box
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