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Inserting an online picture
Inserting an online picture
Sometimes, you want to illustrate an idea or to decorate your
document, but you don’t have a suitable picture on your com-
puter. You can probably find just what you need by searching
either the collection of photographs and clip art on Office.
com or the millions of images that exist on the Internet. Both of
these options are available through the Online Pictures tool in
Word 2013. The same dialog box includes a link to browse your
SkyDrive storage and your Flickr account, if you have one.
Find a picture or clip art
1 Click at the location in the document where you want the picture to
2 On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Online Pictures.
3 In the Insert Pictures dialog box, click the Search box or
the Search Bing box to look for clip art or images from those web
resources, respectively.
4 Type or paste a word or phrase to describe the subject of your
search. Press the Enter key or click the magnifying-glass icon in the
search box.
5 Click the thumbnail of an image you like and then click the Insert
button to copy the selected file into your document.
TIP If you’re working with a keyboard and mouse and you
want to select more than one image simultaneously, hold the
Ctrl key while you click additional images. If you’re using a touchscreen
device, tap the first image and then tap and hold that image while you
tap additional images.
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