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Inserting online video
3 In the Insert Video dialog box, click the Search Bing text box or the
Search YouTube text box and enter a word or phrase that describes
the video for which you’re searching on the web or specifically from, respectively.
Alternatively, you can insert a video from another website if it
makes available an embed code (an HTML expression that gives the
video’s address and other information). To do that, copy the embed
code from the webpage and paste it into the embed text box.
4 If you entered text in the Search Bing text box or the Search You-
Tube text box, press the Enter key or click the magnifying-glass icon
in the search box.
If you entered an embed code, click the right-arrow button in the
embed code box to insert the video into your document.
5 In the results of a Bing search or a YouTube search, click the thumb-
nail of a video and then click the Insert button to insert the selected
video into your document.
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