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Inserting a screenshot
Inserting a screenshot
Perhaps you write instructions for how to use apps—maybe
even for a book like this one—or you might want to capture a
series of webpages or a video game’s high score. In Word 2013
you can use the screenshot tool to take a picture of the entire
window that is currently displayed on your computer screen or
just a small part of it.
Copy an entire window
1 Open both Word 2013 and the app window that you want to
2 Click at the location in the Word document where you want the
screenshot to appear.
3 On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click Screenshot and
click the thumbnail of the window to capture.
4 A screenshot of the selected window appears in the Word docu-
ment at the insertion point. You can use the sizing and rotation
handles to change the appearance of the screenshot, or change its
text wrapping or formatting, as you can for any inserted picture.
TIP You can’t use the Screenshot tool to capture the Word
window into which the screenshot will be inserted. If you need a
screenshot of the Word window, open another copy of the document
and take a screenshot of it. Alternatively, if you have a keyboard, press
Alt+Print Screen to place a screenshot of the current window on the
clipboard and then paste it into your document.
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