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Starting the Word program
starting the Word program
Sometimes, you’ll want to start the Word program with a blank
document that you’ll just need to fill in. At other times, you
might want Word to start with a document that already exists in
a file so that you can read it or make changes to it.
shortcuts to the programs on the desktop or the desktop’s
If you start Word without instructing it as to what document to
open, it creates a blank document for you.
Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 make extensive use of short-
cuts , which are icons that point to files. Some shortcuts point
to programs and others point to documents. In Windows 7,
shortcuts to programs are usually on the Start menu, but you
can also place them on the desktop, pin them to the taskbar, or
both. In Windows 8, you’ll find a tile for each of the Microsoft
Office programs on the Start screen, and you can also create
To start Word with an existing document, you usually open the
File Explorer and double-click the icon of the document itself.
When you have a document that you open frequently, it’s useful
to make a shortcut to the document and place the shortcut on
the desktop or the taskbar.
use the Word shortcut in Windows 7
1 Click the Start menu.
2 Click All Programs.
3 Scroll to the Microsoft Office 2013 folder and expand it.
4 Click Word 2013.
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