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Positioning pictures on the page
Positioning pictures on the page
When you insert a picture or any other graphic object into a
Word 2013 document, you can choose how it affects the text
around it. There are seven basic possibilities, which collectively
are called layout options .
The other six layout options involve making the text wrap (or
flow) around or through the picture—that is, you can drag the
picture to any position on the page, and the text adjusts accord-
ingly. These layout options differ in how the text goes around or
through the picture.
In many cases, you want the picture to behave as if it’s a single
large character, either within a line of text or in a paragraph
by itself. The position of the picture on the page is determined
by how much text occurs in the document before the picture’s
location. If you insert or delete text, the picture might move.
This option is called in line with text .
A new feature in Word 2013 called alignment guides helps you
to position floating graphics so that their edges align with the
margins, with the horizontal or vertical center of the page, or
with paragraphs of text.
Choose the layout option
1 In a Word document that contains a picture, click a picture to
select it.
2 At the upper-right corner of the picture, click the Layout Options
3 In the Layout Options gallery, click the icon corresponding to the
layout option that you want.
4 If you selected one of the icons in the With Text Wrapping section
of the gallery, click either the Move With Text option or the Fix Posi-
tion On Page option.
TIP When you select a picture, the Picture Tools | Format
contextual tab appears on the ribbon. In the Arrange group,
click the Wrap Text button, which includes the items in the Layout
Options gallery plus the Set As Default Layout item. When you click Set
As Default Layout, pictures that you insert later will initially have the
same layout option as you specified for the current picture.
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