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Positioning pictures on the page
TIP When you select a layout option with text wrapping, the
picture has an anchor . This is the place in the text to which the
picture is attached. The picture’s position on the page can be specified
with respect to the page margins or with respect to the anchor
location. If editing the text causes the anchor to move to a different
page, the picture will also move to that page. You can set an option so
that an anchor icon appears in the margin at the anchor location when
the picture is selected (see “Controlling what is displayed and printed”
on page 429).
Align pictures and text
1 Click a picture to select it. If it’s currently placed in line with text, set
its layout option to one of the text wrapping types.
2 Drag the picture to a new position.
Observe the green alignment guides that appear as the edges of
the picture touch any of the four page margins, or as the center of
the picture aligns with the horizontal or vertical center of the page,
or as the top edge of the picture aligns with the top line of a text
sEE ALso For more information about the default layout
option for inserting or pasting pictures, see “Change options
related to pictures” on page 437.
TIP If a picture’s layout option is set to Behind Text, it might
be difficult to select the picture instead of the text. On the
Home tab, in the Editing group, click Select and then click Select Object
to activate a cursor that ignores the text. Alternatively, click the
Selection Pane command on the same drop-down list. In the Selection
pane, you can select individual graphic items, including those that
overlap one another.
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