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Resizing a picture
Resizing a picture
When you insert a picture in a document, initially it might be
too large or too small for what you need. In Word 2013, you can
adjust the picture’s size visually to fit properly within the text, or
you can specify a measurement.
corners and at the center of each side. You can drag any of the
sizing handles toward the center of the picture to make the
picture smaller, or away from the center to enlarge it. The sizing
handles at the corners adjust both the height and the width of
the picture to keep them in the same proportion (called the
aspect ratio ), but the sizing handles at the centers of the sides
affect only the height or the width.
When you select a picture in your document, eight small white
squares called sizing handles appear at each of the picture’s
Drag the sizing handles
1 Click a picture in the document to select it.
2 Drag any of the picture’s sizing handles and observe the effect on
the size or aspect ratio of the picture.
TRY ThIs You will see a circular arrow icon attached to one of
the sizing handles. This is the rotation handle . Drag it clockwise
or counterclockwise about the center of the illustration to rotate the
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