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Cropping a picture
Cropping a picture
After you insert a picture in your document, you might decide
that you want to show only part of the picture. You can use the
Crop tool in Word 2013 to remove the unwanted parts.
In another situation, you might want to use a particular shape to
crop a picture, rather than a simple rectangle. You might want
to use a cloud or an arrow. Using the Crop tool, you can choose
any of the items from the Insert Shapes gallery as the outline of
the picture.
Remove unwanted parts of a picture
1 Click a picture in the document to select it.
2 On the Picture Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Size group, click
the top part of the Crop button.
3 Drag any of the corner or side cropping markers toward the center
of the picture.
The parts that will be removed are shaded.
4 Click in the document outside the picture to exit the Crop tool. If
necessary, drag the picture to reposition it with respect to the text.
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