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Setting a transparent color
setting a transparent color
If you insert a picture that contains large areas of a single color
such as opaque white, you can use the Set Transparent Color
tool to make that color transparent. Any text or another graphic
that is behind the picture will show through the transparent
select a color to make it transparent
1 Click a picture in the document to select it.
2 On the Picture Tools | Format contextual tab, in the Adjust group,
click Color. Near the bottom of the gallery that opens, click Set
Transparent Color.
3 Click the background of the picture.
TIP Only one color in the picture can be transparent at any
one time. If you use the Set Transparent Color tool to select
another color, the transparency of the first color will be canceled.
TRY ThIs After you make a color transparent, click the Layout
Options button next to the picture and select the Through text
wrapping. Then, click and drag the picture into the middle of some
paragraphs of text, and observe how the text repositions as the picture
moves. The Tight text wrapping configures the text to appear close to
the outside of the picture’s subject, but Through text wrapping makes
it possible for text to occupy transparent areas in the middle of the
picture, as well.
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